You Are Awesome — A Video Tribute

View the video You Are Awesome —Dedicated to Housing Workers who Believe in Ending Homelessness

Ending homelessness is possible when there are awesome, professional people dedicated to the task.
This video is dedicated to those individuals.
These people inspire me and I hold them in high esteem.

… More to come  detailing the video and the role that social media played in creating it.

Watch the video You Are Awesome

About Iain De Jong

Leader. Edutainer. Coach. Consultant. Professor. Researcher. Blogger. Do-gooder. Potty mouth. Positive disruptor. Relentless advocate for social justice. Comedian. Dad. Minimalist. Recovering musician. Canadian citizen. International jetsetter. Living life in jeans and a t-shirt. Trying really hard to end homelessness in developed countries around the world, expand harm reduction practices, make housing happen, and reform the justice system. Driven by change, fuelled by passion. Winner of a shit ton of prestigious awards, none of which matter unless change happens in how we think about vulnerability, marginality, and inclusion.

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