Training that doesn’t suck.


Seriously, that is one of our mottos. We believe in being pragmatic and use our experience from working in the field to drive what we teach others. We believe that it is our job to be engaging and even funny. We do NOT believe in just reading slides or regurgitating what the audience already knows. We believe that what we teach must be grounded in evidence. We only teach what we can prove works, and we are beholden to no external body when it comes to designing our content or delivering our message.

Here are our prepared training topics, and length of training (HD=half day; FD=full day; HD/FD=half day or full day):

• Diversion (HD)
• How to be an Awesome Shelter (HD/FD)
• Street Outreach to Housing (HD/FD)
• Trauma-informed Service Design and Delivery (HD/FD)
• Promoting Wellness and Recovery through Harm Reduction (HD/FD)
• Rapid ReHousing (HD)
• How to Use Your Data and Measure Performance (HD)
• Coordinated Entry (HD)
• Performance Evaluation (HD/FD)
• Motivational Interviewing in Homelessness and Housing Services (HD)
• Assertive Engagement in Homelessness and Housing Services (HD)
• Rural Homelessness Strategies that Work (HD/FD)
• Thinking & Acting Like a System (HD/FD)
• Supporting People in Sex Work and Victims of Trafficking (HD/FD)
• Structuring your Performance Narrative (HD/FD)
• Working with Landlords and Housing Authorities (HD/FD)
• Excellence in Housing Based Case Management (FD)


All training can be delivered specific to the population group you are aiming to serve (single adults, unaccompanied youth, families). We can also customize training to meet your specific needs. In addition, we offer training events like these ones, for much more in-depth dives into theory, practice and implementation to help create subject matter experts from across the world.

If you want more general information on this, reach out to Erin. If you’re specifically interested in youth-specific training, reach out to Erin. If you’re specifically interested in family-specific training, reach out to Kris. If you’re specifically interested in rural training, reach out to Amanda. If you’re specifically interested in landlords and housing authorities, reach out to Mike.