Tools You Can Use

In order to build a house, you might need a hammer, measuring tape, and screwdrivers. In order to bake a cake, you might need a mixer, measuring cups, bowls, and a cake pan. What tools do you need to improve your service delivery or organization, or know more about your community, or end homelessness? One of the most essential tools in the human services sector is a valid, reliable, and consistent tool that allows for a definitive assessment of the needs of clients. Without a proper assessment of clients, chances are very good that resources will be allocated inefficiently – perhaps through a first come, first served system or serving the squeakiest wheel first. OrgCode has developed the gold standard of assessment tools, the SPDAT. Now in its fourth year, the SPDAT is available in multiple versions to meet your needs, and is even integrated with many HMIS programs.


Our Tools You Can Use

Crisis Plan Worksheet

A tool for proactively preparing people for possible crises in their lives, and ensuring they have an active voice in the care that ensues – as best as possible. This tool is integrated as part of the Excellence in Housing-Based Case Management training series.


Effective Exit Planning Worksheet

A tool for helping prepare individuals and families that have been part of support programs in decreasing and then ceasing their involvement with the supports, while promoting ongoing housing stability. This tool is integrated as part of the Excellence in Housing-Based Case Management training series.


Quality of Life Indicators Survey

This short survey is intended to help assess changes in quality of life among clients who were homeless and have since been housed.


Featured Tools

Vulnerability Index – Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Prescreen Tool (VI-SPDAT)

The VI-SPDAT helps identify who should be recommended for each housing and support intervention, moving the discussion from simply who is eligible for a service intervention to who is eligible and in greatest need of that intervention. While the SPDAT is an assessment tool, the VI-SPDAT is a survey that anyone could complete, to help prioritize clients.


Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (SPDAT)

The SPDAT is an evidence-informed approach to assessing an individual’s or family’s acuity. The tool, across multiple components, prioritizes who to serve next and why, while concurrently identifying the areas in the person/family’s life where support is most likely necessary in order to avoid housing instability.