The Leadership Academy Happens This Week

This week, in West Virginia, about 200 leaders in ending homelessness are coming together to participate in the first ever OrgCode Leadership Academy. I am humbled by how many people have made the commitment to be at the Academy. I said we would do the Academy if there were 40 people interested in it – and it turns out more than five times that were interested if you include the waiting list.

I decided to do the Leadership Academy because there were so many people that I have encountered in my travels that had leadership questions rather than technical questions about service provision. I really have no idea what is going to happen this week other than I have worked harder at this than any other thing I have worked on in years, other than SPDAT.


I could fail this week. That is entirely possible. I will make mistakes this week. For sure, that is going to happen. I am going to take the risk this week, because it is worth it.


More important than anything I say or share this week is the networking that is going to happen amongst the leaders in attendance. There are leaders from Canada and the United States. There are leaders in government, non-profits, faith groups, and the private sector. There are leaders at the top of their organization and middle of their organization. There are leaders that are early on in their career and those approaching the twilight of their career. And they are all coming together.


Stay tuned for the post-mortem on how it all turns out. If you are going to be there, I look forward to seeing you. If you are not there and reading the blog, send us your positive vibes.

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