Speaking, Educating, & Provoking

Shut up and say something


We reject the status quo. And we say so aloud.

In recent years we have delivered more than 150 speaking engagements per year to non-profits, government, and business. About 10% of those each year is a keynote address at a very large conference. People from around the globe keep wanting to give us a microphone and a captive audience. We relish the chance to keep it real and say what needs to be said, knowing all the while we move people from their comfort zone; entertain them with jokes before walloping them a truth-bomb; and provide a perspective they would not otherwise see. People have an emotional reaction to what we say and how we say it.

You’ll find us frequently on the conference circuit, heavily in demand by content specialists. There has not been one conference where OrgCode presentations were not amongst the top ranked panels and presentations for delivery and content.

Plus, you’ll find Iain in the news. From op-ed pieces in national print and online media to radio and television commentary, when an expert opinion on housing and homelessness is sought it is not uncommon for journalists to reach out to Iain for a juicy sound bite or informed opinion of how to consider the issue.

If you want more information, reach out to Iain.