Planning & Policy

Planning and policy are the pillars of positive change.

Whatever your vision is, it needs a plan. Plans can be used to chart hope, define goals, clarify responsibilities, and lay out strategy. Simply put, a plan is a set of guidelines that will inform future decision-making. Without a plan, decisions are made without thought for the bigger picture. Policy is how resources are harnessed to achieve the outcomes that matter.

We believe that planning should be inclusive and empowering, so we’ve developed consultation techniques that actually work. We believe a plan should be accessible and have a long shelf life, so we create plans that are evidence-informed, written in clear language, and focus on positive change. And we believe that smartly-designed policies are crucial to organizational and community success, so we specialize in policy analysis and development that is grounded in best practice. Our work across North America brings us face-to-face with policies that work – and don’t – and we bring this knowledge to every project.

OrgCode Consulting, Inc. has created Plans to End Homelessness and Affordable Housing Strategies for many communities across North America. We have also been engaged by organizations to provide Strategic Planning as they go through transitional periods.