Michigan Speech

Consultants' plan aims to move homeless from Dignity Village

Published on gainesville.com // November 1, 2016

The Alachua County commission heard a presentation Tuesday to shut down Dignity Village, bulldoze and transform the landscape and place homeless people into housing.

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Systems and Charity

Mark Horvath on twitter // September 12, 2016

Please watch this short video of talking about systems and charity. You'll especially like the ending!

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The Pursuit of Being Awesome

Published on proboneaustrailia.com // August 29, 2016

Iain de Jong is a Canadian based academic and social change advocate who has been described as a leader of an international movement to end homelessness. He is this week's Changemaker.

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Consultant's Report Slams Local Homeless Strategy; Locals Not Sold

Published on gainesville.com // July 16, 2016

When a leading advocate on homelessness solutions toured Gainesville’s homeless facilities, he wasn't impressed.

“A walkthrough of Dignity Village is devastating,” Iain De Jong, president and CEO of OrgCode Consulting, Inc., wrote in a report. “The catastrophe of the policy response to street homelessness is anything but a demonstration of dignity.”

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Enough Excuses — San Diego’s Homeless Problem Is Solvable

Published voiceofsandiego.org // June 24, 2016

San Diego has a solvable homeless problem.

It is time to focus on solutions rather than focus on excuses. There is one known cure to homelessness: housing. If you are not doing everything in your city to focus all efforts on housing, you fail. In the few times I have been to San Diego I have heard organizations that work with people that are homeless and other community leaders speak of how unique San Diego is, or how difficult the politics are to navigate between the county and city.

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Social change expert leads national forum in Queensland on ending homelessness

Published on abc.net.au // April 8, 2016

KIM LANDERS: On any given night across Australia, up to 100,000 people will be sleeping rough.

But one Canadian expert is questioning whether authorities here are more focused on managing the numbers of homeless people, rather than trying to end the problem.

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To Solve Homelessness, Maybe Dallas Just Needs to Try Harder

Published on dallasobserver.com // March 24, 2016

On Tuesday evening, Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance president and CEO Cindy Crain — with an assist from former homeless czar/current Mayor Mike Rawlings — delivered some bad news in her second annual "State of the Homeless Address." As we predicted two months ago, the homeless count in Dallas and Collin counties has spiked, jumping 24 percent over the last year.

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5 things to know about Hamilton's homelessness count

Published on CBC.ca // February 21, 2016

How many people in Hamilton are homeless right now? What do they need? 

About 200 volunteers are involved in a two-day effort Sunday and Monday to find out. 

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A new approach: What the poor can teach us about helping the homeless

Published on deseretnews.com // November 21, 2015

SALT LAKE CITY — In a small office in The Road Home's downtown homeless shelter, Kate Larimer leads a conversation with a young family about where they will stay tonight.

It's the first time they've sought help from the shelter but it is possible they won't have to stay there if they can put their heads together with Larimer to come up with a suitable alternative.

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