I will…

I will…

Show up everyday ready to make a difference.

Do my work with integrity.

Try my best to get results worthy of the highest esteem of others.

See the big picture.

Be brave enough to speak truth to power.

Offer solutions, not just point out problems.

Embrace evidence.

Be relentless in the pursuit of awesomeness.

Share what I know.

Focus on the speaker while listening.

Be true to my own morals, values and beliefs, while respecting that others have a world view that may differ from mine.

Seek knowledge.

Ask questions.

Focus on justice instead of charity.

Give away as much information and knowledge as I can.

Say sorry when I have wronged others or been wrong.

Know the difference between a job and a vocation.

Find patience on days when I lack it most.

Remember to say “Thank you”.

Make people laugh.

See potential in everyone.

Challenge myths and stereotypes.

Find that any exhaustion from my work comes from my productivity, not just being busy.

Be authentic.

Ask “why”? more.

Make a difference.

About Iain De Jong

Leader. Edutainer. Coach. Consultant. Professor. Researcher. Blogger. Do-gooder. Potty mouth. Positive disruptor. Relentless advocate for social justice. Comedian. Dad. Minimalist. Recovering musician. Canadian citizen. International jetsetter. Living life in jeans and a t-shirt. Trying really hard to end homelessness in developed countries around the world, expand harm reduction practices, make housing happen, and reform the justice system. Driven by change, fuelled by passion. Winner of a shit ton of prestigious awards, none of which matter unless change happens in how we think about vulnerability, marginality, and inclusion.

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