Version 3 of the VI-SPDAT for Single Adults, after almost two years of refinement and testing, is ready for release in the USA and Canada. You can find all of the American materials here and all of the Canadian materials here. Tools for other population groups will be out shortly.

If you choose to use the new tools in the US, we are here to support you. There are training videos and helpful background materials on things like its history and how to appropriately use the tools. Your jurisdiction may reach the conclusion that you want to continue to use the VI-SPDAT in prioritization. You should find all of these materials help you get up to speed quickly on the changes and implementation guidance.

For all of you that may be interested in a well-developed assessment tool that can be used to effectively support people in case management, take a look at the (full) SPDAT…one of the two tools that helped inspire the VI-SPDAT in the first place. Unlike the VI-SPDAT, you need to be trained on how to use the SPDAT. Let us know if you are interested in a conversation about that.

A special thank you to all that helped create Version 3, and those trusted colleagues willing to have tough conversations when it is warranted. This is an interesting time of discovery, dialogue and discernment. It is a time of growth, and with the right perspective, a time of great opportunity. Throughout the developed world, we may never get as great a chance again in our lifetime to impact homelessness and the homeless response system in the same manner.

Be well. Be awesome.


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