Deliberate Act of Kindness

Merry Christmas – and if that isn’t your thing, Happy Holidays. And if that isn’t your thing, here’s to a couple days off to think, relax and enjoy life.

People have latched on to Random Acts of Kindness. Some communities have complete days dedicated to them. Chivers (you’d know what that means if you are into the Chive) celebrate these things relentlessly. When news outlets get a hold of a Random Act of Kindness under the right circumstances, it can restore our faith in humanity and make us all feel better.

My pursuit in closing out the year is to complete five deliberate acts of kindness. I am not going to get into specifics of with whom or why, but I want to lay this out a bit more for you.

One of the things about Random Acts of Kindness is that circumstance often plays a role. So too can charity (someone in need or a cause). There is also a certain amount of luck that goes into a Random Act of Kindness.

With a Deliberate Act of Kindness I am thinking of five people/organizations/issues that need some kindness. There is nothing lucky about it. I am going to give what is required. There is nothing random about it. In four of the five instances, it will be completely anonymous. The fifth? Well, some pro bono work is impossible to do anonymously.

Every Deliberate Act of Kindness will come at a cost, though not necessarily in money. The biggest thing I am looking to give away is love – the value of which functions in the opposite way of other currencies, because the more that is given away the greater the value. I also know that sweat holds way more value than tears. Each of these acts of Kindness could be completed from a place of empathy. I instead will try to achieve these from a place of empathy.

Lastly, as a mentor once taught me, the seed never knows how the flower turns out. The point of my deliberate acts is to be a catalyst to something greater. My deliberate acts do not require ongoing attention. I am just helping to get things started (or restarted) in the right direction. The kindest thing I can do is get out of the way when the difference takes on a life of its own.


The blog will be back in the new year. Until then, be well!


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