Data, Dashboards, & HMIS

Data is a four letter word.


We get it – most people that went into this line of work did so because they are interested in people, not because they were wizards at math. Yet there is a seemingly ever-increasing demand for output and outcome data, both quantitatively and qualitatively. The problem, though, is that many human services and housing professionals excel at neither.

We try to make data easy to understand and give people the tools they need to capture and report out on their own data. We use your existing data systems to help you create dashboards that automatically actually tell you how your organization and its programs are performing. We fix your data systems to clean up your data and make sure it has integrity. We put processes in place that are easy to follow to improve all data going forward. We teach people how to enter, store, and analyze their data.

We also help organize and lead data-capturing events like Point in Time Counts. We have led and provided professional peer review on methods and results to dozens of these across the United States and Canada. No other organization has more experience fine-tuning and improving the methodology for Point in Time Counts than OrgCode.

On top of this, we are experts in Homeless Management Information Systems. On our team are programmers that can actually write the code and commands necessary to give you dashboards, by-name lists for coordinated entry, recidivism reports, and help you meet government funding requirements like preparing your AHAR. We can also help you prepare an ongoing data analysis plan or help you structure your data architecture.

And we do all of this from the perspective of the end-user. We never violate privacy. We help ensure compliance to all relevant legislation. We make this as easy as possible, so that “data” is the only four letter word you want to mutter aloud.

If you want more information on this, reach out to David, Zach, or Amanda.