5 Things I Hope for in 2014

Here we are at the start of another calendar year. In 2014 I hope:

1. To Expand Knowledge

I want to continue to expand my knowledge of what works and what does not – and why. I want to spend time reading, reviewing, communicating, synthesizing and sharing the knowledge. I want to test theories and ideas, and take the leap of faith to get out of my comfort zone and explore new information with a clear mind.

2. To Apply Learning

I want to take the knowledge that I gain and apply it in a range of different settings. I want to apply it within my consulting and academic work. I want to ensure that I share it in reports that I write, keynotes that I provide, workshop sessions that I facilitate, and through mediums like our website and Twitter feed. I want to learn how to improve sharing the volume of information that I have in my brain, bookshelves and laptop.

3. To Find More Courage

I want to be increasingly comfortable with expanding my talents, thoughts and resources into a range of areas beyond what I have been spending a lot of time upon. For example, I have been delighted to be working so much on assessments and coordinated access. While I continue to that I want the courage to expand and explore how that can be better applied to other practice areas. I have to have courage to invest time in creating new areas of expertise and new products, even when it is more comfortable to keep doing just what I have been doing.

4. To Be Vulnerable to New Ideas and Different Ways of Seeing Things

I want to learn to be more comfortable in saying “I don’t know. Teach me.” When I don’t have answers or know the resources people are referencing I tend to track down information after a conversation or exchange so I am better prepared the next time. There will always be a place for that, but I think there is also room to swallow my pride in some instances, and appreciate that while I have expertise there is more than I need to be taught. I have to be completely open to life-long learning. That cannot be a catchphrase or buzzword. It has to be a lived commitment.

5. To Provide the Best Foot Forward Each and Every Day

I want to get better at being “on” each and every day. Regardless of how many times I may have presented information, taught a subject or introduced data to people, it is often the first time for recipients in hearing it. I owe it to those I exchange with to give my all each and every day. I do this to some extent now, but I know there is an opportunity to make improvements.

About Iain De Jong

Leader. Edutainer. Coach. Consultant. Professor. Researcher. Blogger. Do-gooder. Potty mouth. Positive disruptor. Relentless advocate for social justice. Comedian. Dad. Minimalist. Recovering musician. Canadian citizen. International jetsetter. Living life in jeans and a t-shirt. Trying really hard to end homelessness in developed countries around the world, expand harm reduction practices, make housing happen, and reform the justice system. Driven by change, fuelled by passion. Winner of a shit ton of prestigious awards, none of which matter unless change happens in how we think about vulnerability, marginality, and inclusion.

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