Who We Are

OrgCode Consulting works with non-profits, government, private companies and non-governmental organizations. We are catalysts for better outcomes. Hip and nerdy, we are the antidotes to the status quo across the multi-disciplinary skill set of the team. OrgCode excels in strategy, planning, training, research, community engagement, and positive social change.

Our work is international, though primarily in North America. While we have a corporate office in Oakville, Ontario, the reality is that most of our team is busy working in the communities with which we are engaged. Our team are Nexus “Trust Travellers” pre-screened and approved by the US and Canadian governments for easier travel and engagement throughout North America.

Almost every member of our team has one or more graduate degrees. While our work is strongly grounded in evidence, the most compelling attribute of our team is our passion. We love what we do – and we love why we do it.

Here is a bit more about our team members:

Our Team

Iain De Jong

President and CEO

Iain is a passionate advocate for positive social change. He is an educator, advisor, researcher, strategist, entertainer, policy wonk, blogger, mentor, and motivational speaker. Over the past couple decades, Iain’s career has included senior management and professional positions in government, non-profits and the private sector, as well as considerable frontline and supervisory work with people experiencing co-occurring complex issues in their life…chronically homeless people, persons with compromised mental wellness, community residents experiencing economic poverty, persons involved with sex work, and individuals experiencing addictions.Iain is a sceptical empiricist, grounding his work in evidence-based and evidence-informed practices and research. He is a frequent keynote speaker and public presenter, and on numerous occasions has been a contributor to international, national, provincial/state and local policy and program discussions, and responses to media inquiries.

Programs Iain has designed, developed and/or provided leadership to have been awarded and acknowledged nationally and internationally more than a dozen times. This includes acknowledgement by the UN’s World Habitat Awards for having created one of the eight best housing practices in the world, a national best practice by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and a gold Leadership award winner by Deloitte and IPAC as the best municipal program.

Iain also holds a part-time Faculty position in the Graduate Planning Programme in the Faculy of Environmental Studies at York University. He teaches a course on Community Planning and Housing each year, and has also taught Public Participation and Planning, as well as Social Policy and Planning.

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Tracy Flaherty-Willmott

Senior Associate

TracyHailing from the rugged coastlines of Eastern Canada, Tracy is known for her tenacity, creativity and steadfast commitment to improving access and opportunities for individuals, families and communities. Drawing upon 20 years of practical experience in the fields of homelessness and housing; addictions and mental health; strategic planning, community engagement and team building, Tracy has proven to be a formidable catalyst for change.

Professionally, Tracy has focused on the accessibility and acceptability of services, programs and systems aimed at improving wellness and independence. Whether working directly with street involved youth; facilitating training for front line service professionals or evaluating programs, Tracy has demonstrated her commitment to evidence-informed practices, outcome-based programming and solution-focused approaches.

Prior to joining OrgCode Consulting, Inc., Tracy facilitated the development and initial implementation of a long-term plan to end homelessness in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Today, Medicine Hat is recognized as one of the communities getting the outcomes needed to end homelessness. Since joining OrgCode as a Senior Associate in September 2012, Tracy has used her community development and strategic planning skills to lead projects dedicated to the development of long term housing and/or homelessness plans in the County of Simcoe and, most recently, in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Tracy has been involved in facilitating Assertive Engagement and Housing Based Case Management sessions and has capitalized on the many opportunities to assist agencies and communities shift from managing homelessness to ending it.

Tracy holds a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and Psychology) and a Post-Diploma Certificate in Criminology from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Jeff Standell

Senior Associate

Jeff Standell is a Senior Associate with OrgCode, and has almost 15 years experience in the human service field. Having received Bachelor’s degrees in both Arts and Education, Jeff has been a front line service provider, SPDAT trainer, and a passionate voice in the fight to end homelessness. Prior to joining OrgCode full time, Jeff worked as a key player in his community's plan to end homelessness. His work primarily included assessment and prioritization of individuals experiencing homelessness. Having been an approved SPDAT trainer since January 2013, Jeff has provided, developed, and extensively delivered the webinar SPDAT curriculum and provided SPDAT training in person. Examples of the numerous communities he has trained include several Canadian provinces and American states, these include: Alberta, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Iowa, California, Missouri, Texas, Michigan, and Nevada.

Jeff was one of a handful of professionals instrumental in crafting changes to Version 3 of the SPDAT for singles and is providing leadership and frontline assessment experience to the improvements for Version 4 and in helping to improve the VI-SPDAT.

Jeff brings his passion for ending homelessness, his enthusiasm for helping others grow and develop, and his quirky sense of humour to his work. He balances the ability to see the big picture while never losing sight of the individual stories and experiences of those facing homelessness. Part advocate, part teacher, and part positive agent of change, Jeff will forever remain a guardian of stories.