Professional Development & Coaching

All of our knowledge doesn’t count for much if we don’t share it with others. That’s why we excel at training and coaching. A trainer that understands adult learning knows that any good training combines many different approaches. Our training philosophy is based on three principles: 1. Training should be pragmatic for what you do, 2. Training should be grounded in theory and practice, and 3. Training should be both education and entertaining. Over the years we have developed training programs that build essential skills.
Professional Development & Coaching

Our Professional Development & Coaching Products

Motivational Interviewing for Housing Support Practitioners

Designed as a full day training to teach experienced practitioners improved approaches to engaging with people using motivational interviewing techniques to better help people stay housed and focus on areas of attention that are more likely to support housing stability.

Improving Supports in Housing

With a focus on assisting practitioners that are already supporting people that are housed (and not housed specifically through a homeless program) this one day workshop adjusts many of the same techniques and practices used in the Excellence in Housing Based Case Management session to better support existing tenants.

Organizing Your Community into Service Delivery Sectors

Ensuring there are understood and effective service targets are necessary for there to be a coherent service delivery system in any community, and this three hour session is designed to help communities organize their thinking and funding objectives into a service context with clearly understood approaches to identifying problems to be mitigated, articulating preferred service delivery models, and naming the indicators and outcomes sought.

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Our Professional Development & Coaching Projects

Housing First in St. Louis

Read the original article here – St. Louis Public Radio Researcher Says Ending Chronic Homelessness Is Possible If There’s Regional Buy-In Those who want to help the homeless—whether by offering a hot meal or a temporary bed—should focus instead on trying to find them a permanent home as quickly as possible. That’s what researcher Iain De Jong told about 40 people gathered at Christ Church Cathedral in downtown St. Louis Thursday for a presentation on ending chronic homelessness. De Jong heads OrgCode and champions the “housing-first model,” which is something of a buzzword nowadays. De Jong helped run the first ever “housing first” program years back. The idea is to get people in permanent housing and then provide the services needed to keep them there. DeJong told an audience of service providers, real estate developers and homeless individuals that regions can end chronic homelessness. The way, he said, is to […]

Leadership Academy on Ending Homelessness

Leadership Academy on Ending Homelessness AKA #campiain   Stonewall Resort, West Virginia   October 25-27, 2016     In 2015, a historic gathering occurred at Stonewall Resort in West Virginia. 200 leaders in ending homelessness came together from Canada and the United States to build a network with other leaders that share the same passion, and learn new leadership tools and strategies. The evaluation of the event was overwhelming awesome. Our first cohort of leaders encouraged us to offer the program again, and sooner rather than later, for other leaders to have the opportunity to share, learn and grow.   YOU ARE INVITED   If you are dedicated to ending homelessness and want to improve your leadership chops while meeting other leaders in the same boat as you, this is the experience you have been waiting for.   The Leadership Academy is NOT a conference. You are strategically placed with […]

Staff Training, Medicine Hat Community Housing Society

Located in Southeast Alberta, MHCHS is the Community Entity responsible for leading the community’s response to ending homelessness. OrgCode worked with all funded organizations in the community to shadow, coach and train staff on how to focus on ending homelessness.