Planning & Policy

Planning and policy are the pillars of positive change.

Whatever your vision is, it needs a plan. Plans can be used to chart hope, define goals, clarify responsibilities, and lay out strategy. Simply put, a plan is a set of guidelines that will inform future decision-making. Without a plan, decisions are made without thought for the bigger picture. Policy is how resources are harnessed to achieve the outcomes that matter.

We believe that planning should be inclusive and empowering, so we’ve developed consultation techniques that actually work. We believe a plan should be accessible and have a long shelf life, so we create plans that are evidence-informed, written in clear language, and focus on positive change. And we believe that smartly-designed policies are crucial to organizational and community success, so we specialize in policy analysis and development that is grounded in best practice. Our work across North America brings us face-to-face with policies that work – and don’t – and we bring this knowledge to every project.

OrgCode Consulting, Inc. has created Plans to End Homelessness and Affordable Housing Strategies for many communities across North America. We have also been engaged by organizations to provide Strategic Planning as they go through transitional periods.

Planning & Policy

Our Planning & Policy Products

Affordable Housing Strategy

At OrgCode, we can help your community develop a comprehensive, realistic, and effective strategy to ensure an adequate supply of affordable housing, whether over a five- or ten-year time frame.

Plan to End Homelessness

Ending homelessness does not mean managing homelessness. Or reducing homelessness. It means developing an integrated system of housing and services that focus on permanent and stable housing outcomes. Creating such a system requires a plan. We will work with your community to identify system improvements that deliver the right intervention, to the person, at the right time. Recognizing that the only known cure for homelessness is housing, our plans emphasize Housing First approaches that create the shortest and straightest line from homelessness to stable housing.

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Our Planning & Policy Projects

Leadership Academy on Ending Homelessness

Leadership Academy on Ending Homelessness AKA #campiain   Stonewall Resort, West Virginia   October 25-27, 2016     In 2015, a historic gathering occurred at Stonewall Resort in West Virginia. 200 leaders in ending homelessness came together from Canada and the United States to build a network with other leaders that share the same passion, and learn new leadership tools and strategies. The evaluation of the event was overwhelming awesome. Our first cohort of leaders encouraged us to offer the program again, and sooner rather than later, for other leaders to have the opportunity to share, learn and grow.   YOU ARE INVITED   If you are dedicated to ending homelessness and want to improve your leadership chops while meeting other leaders in the same boat as you, this is the experience you have been waiting for.   The Leadership Academy is NOT a conference. You are strategically placed with […]

A Long-Term Affordable Housing and Homelessness Plan for the County of Huron

The OrgCode project team used census data and available social service data, focus groups with people with lived experience of poverty and homelessness, and consultations and interviews with service providers to assess the need for affordable housing and develop a plan to expand the stock of affordable housing and address and prevent homelessness in the County.

Simcoe County Community 10-Year Affordable Housing and Homelessness Prevention Strategy

The Ten-Year Affordable Housing and Homelessness Prevention Strategy will guide the County of Simcoe and its municipal partners from 2014 to 2024. This strategic document outlines evidence-informed approaches and a shared community vision of what actions are needed to effectively address housing and homelessness needs across the County. Through the establishment of people-centered priorities for housing and homelessness services, this Strategy ensures that the County of Simcoe, as the designated Consolidated Municipal Service Manager, is well positioned to integrate and direct resources to meet the specific needs of its residents. Recognizing that housing directly affects health outcomes of individuals and families, enhances their ability to access educational and employment opportunities and ensures the opportunity to participate in the social and economic fabric of the community, this Strategy effectively positions local communities to thrive in the future.