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Support in Domains Workbook


Three tools in one that focus on using the SPDAT for goal setting, both for clients and case workers.  This tool is integrated as part of the Excellence in Housing-Based Case Management training series.

Product Description

This is a seven-page workbook providing three different tools for using the SPDAT to set goals.  This tool is one of several handouts provided in the Excellence in Housing-Based Case Management training series, and is intended for professionals who have completed that training.

There are three tools included in this workbook:

  • Using the SPDAT to identify areas for professional development (for case workers)
  • Identifying 3 strengths and 2 risks to housing (for clients)
  • Identifying 1 strength and 2 opportunities to improve quality of life (for clients)


OrgCode Consulting Inc. assumes no responsibility for how these tools are used or the validity of the assessments that are made by frontline workers when using the tools. OrgCode Consulting Inc. assumes no responsibility for harm to or from clients, workers or the community stemming from the use of these tools directly or indirectly – up to and including death.

The use of these tools and its consequences are independent of OrgCode Consulting, Inc. Workers and organizations assume all risk associated with or as a result of the use of the tools. By downloading and making use of these tools, in whole or in part, you agree to indemnify and save harmless, OrgCode Consulting, Inc., its owners, employees, associates, and families of all employees. It is further recommended that individuals should receive training in the use of the tools.

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