Gone Fishing

Those of you who have followed the blog for a couple years know that each year I take a week to get completely off the grid, take my kids up to Northern Ontario and do my best to latch on to a large smallmouth bass, lake trout, and/or, northern pike.


Where is Iain on Vacation??


This is self-care for me. Once a year, I get to a place where I cannot look at my phone. My computer will not be with me. I will be dad. I will be brother. I will be son. I will not be President & CEO of OrgCode. I may hatch blog ideas, but not intentionally, and I sure as heck will not be writing them. I may figure out answers to complex social challenges because the struggles of bringing in a big fish took a long time, but again, it will be by accident. It is true that I live and breathe really complex social challenges on a daily basis. And I find it impossible to turn that off. But I can put myself into situations where I think about it less.

I am never going to be the guy to best teach you or your organization how to practice self-care. Of my many flaws, workaholism is one for sure. But I am trying.

See you all next week. And should you want a fish story, hit me up – there is bound to be at least one that gets away.

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  1. JUDSON says:

    thanks for setting yet another great example for us.

  2. Richard L. Dodson says:

    I took two weeks in Feb and Mar to drive a giant circle around Colorado and see what sights I could find along the way. For me, sitting in a car listening to the radio and watching the scenery slide past my window is roughly the equivalent of sitting in a boat with a rod and reel and it was great. Something that I really needed at the time. I spent most of my career in the private sector but I was fortunate to work for a company that strongly encouraged their employees to take their full allotment of vacation time. They set some good work-life balance habits for me and for that part of the experience I am grateful. Good on ya, mate!