This is the last blog of 2014. Next week I will be taking a little R&R.

Thanks for making 2014 such a memorable one for all of us at OrgCode. Some highlights and memorable moments on our end:

  • I took over 100% ownership of OrgCode at the end of the first quarter
  • White House visit in July thanks to our rewarding work with Community Solutions
  • SPDAT and VI-SPDAT changing the landscape of assessment in the United States and Canada and Australia
  • Seeing complete states tackle coordinated access and common assessment effectively, keeping the people to be served at the centre of the discussion and planning
  • The Alliance conferences in New Orleans and DC
  • The 100K Homes Campaign reaching its goal
  • Gwen departing OrgCode; Kieran departing OrgCode; Jeff joining OrgCode
  • Popularity of training other than SPDAT: Excellence in Housing-Based Case Management, Assertive Engagement, Diversion, and Promoting Wellness & Recovery in particular
  • Completion of a half dozen community affordable housing plans
  • Reaching places we had never been before and making new meaningful connections professionally and personally
  • Maintaining top tier frequent flier status (like that was ever in doubt)
  • Surpassing 1,000 Likes on FaceBook
  • Klout status
  • Having so many people subscribe to the blog, and the popularity of a few select posts in particular
  • Board retreats and leadership development assignments with a half dozen organizations
  • Assisting with Executive searches and transitions for a handful of organizations
  • The fantastic OrgCode team of professionals that are my motivators and friends and the engine that keeps what we do humming along
  • Feeling that the work we do is making a difference, even when it most often means spending 5 or 6 days a week away from home


Keep an eye out for the first blog in 2015 which is all about things I hope happen in 2015!

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