Mid-Year Stats

Here we are mid-year. Just tallied up some numbers:


  • I have been to 47 different communities so far this year (some more than once) and other OrgCode team members have been to a dozen more.


  • I have logged more than 100,000 air miles so far this year. That is the equivalent of going around the globe about four times.


  • About 850 people Like the OrgCode FaceBook page. (facebook.com/orgcode)


  • About 1,100 people follow me on Twitter. (@orgcode)


  • More than 105,000 viewers have come to the blog. (wow)



  • OrgCode went from two owners to one (me) earlier this year.


  • “SPDAT” and “OrgCode” are the two most popular terms that lead people to our website through search engines.


  • 110% is what we give it every time we make a presentation, speech or training session. Okay, not quite accurate. Just 100%. I was trying to sound like a jock there with the sports cliché.


  • 1 is the average number of nights I spend at home each week.


  • Lives impacted through our work? Not sure. We hope a few.


Here’s to the second half of the year and the pursuit of being awesome.

Iain De Jong

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  1. Kerry says:

    To extend the sporting theme, you’re a game changer! Congratulations

  2. bruce says:

    # of lives impacted by your work? 1 is all that matters.